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An accident can turn your life upside-down in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, you may find yourself in the emergency room, an extended stay in the hospital and out of work while recovering from your injuries. Through everything, you will be trying to focus on recovering your health, but worried about the costs that are mounting every day.

If you were injured in an accident caused by someone else's negligence in Central Florida, you don't have to fight the battle for recovering compensation alone. Turn to the experts at The Law Offices of Jerrod Paul, P.A., based right in your home town of Orlando. Our attorneys offer decades of experience in the skills that are necessary to negotiate a fair settlement and win in court, if trial becomes necessary.

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We can handle all types of complex injury and wrongful death litigation claims, with a special emphasis on claims related to:

  • SLIP & FALL INJURIES: We hold residential and commercial property owners accountable for insurance settlements to people who have been injured because of a defective or dangerous property.
  • DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS: Whether you were injured while using a defective consumer product or injured on the job because of a defective industrial tool or equipment, we can help you recover full and fair compensation.
  • MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: Doctors and licensed medical professionals in Florida are required to provide an expected level of medical diagnosis and treatment. If you were injured because of a doctor's misdiagnosis, medication error or negligence, we will fight aggressively to help you recover compensation.

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